About Us



AL'CAT Marketing Pte Ltd was established in 2003 and located in Singapore. It was first started under a sole proprietor company named as AL'CAT Marketing Services in October 1999.
The Company started business in providing Phones Systems to Offices and Residential homes in Singapore. It was appointed as the Nitsuko Phone Systems ( now officially known as NEC Phone Systems ) Dealer, Apollo Access System ( USA ) since it started operations, mainly providing installation of telephone, security system and structured cabling to homes and offices.

Our Milestone

Year 2000 : expanded to provide Security System Services

Year 2002 : appointed as NEC phone systems, Bosch CCTV Reseller and appointed dealer for Apollo System and Surveilon CCTV

Year 2003 : penetrated into Malaysia (Malacca) expanded to provide Home Automation Services

Year 2004 : awarded projects in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year 2007 : appointed as Authorised Dealer for Avantis security and automation products

Year 2016 : Appointed distributor for IndigoVision for Singapore.

Our Business & Services

  • Distribution of products in PIMA Alarm Systems, IndigoVision Surveillance and Apollo Access systems


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