AVR is the perfect solution for adding Visual Verification to an existing alarm system, for enhanced security level, without the need to replace the entire system.
AVR is very simple to install and easy to program. It supports up to six SmartView (indoor) and/or OutView (outdoor) cameras. Upon alarm, both an alarm event and three Visual Verification images are sent to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The event images are transmitted from the SmartView or OutView via 2-way wireless communication to the AVR panel; events and images are then immediately sent over the GPRS-IP network directly to the CMS and optionally, via MMS/SMS, to the end user.


•Adding Visual Verification to any alarm system

•Adding GSM/GPRS backup to existing PSTN channel

•Maintaining existing functionality

•DualSIM technology for backup

•2-way communication with PIR camera

•3 arming states; 1 programmable output

•2.4GHz frequency for fast alarm & image transmission

•Optional end user alarm & image notifications via SMS/MMS

•Direct MMS not dependent on server or cloud

•Smartphone Apps

•Optional remote look-in

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