Captain 8

A Reliable and Cost-effective Intruder Alarm Solution
System's Options & features:

Hybrid intruder alarm; integrates hardwire and wireless zones

· 8 fully programmable zones expandable to 16 zones

· 4 independent partitions; up to 8 supervised keypads

· LCD keypads with menu-driven programming screens; Graphic and LED keypads

· Zone-doubling for cost-effective installations

· Automatic arming by time or non-activity

· Various codes & access options: Master, User, Door, Duress, RFiD tag, key fob

· Up to 4 telephone numbers to the monitoring station and 4 to private numbers

· Continuous battery and telephone line testing

· Complete panel integration with Telephone, Long-range Radio, GSM, GPRS, Ethernet Communication channels
· Full supervision of wireless detectors (life signal, low battery, tampering)

· Advanced false alarm prevention (cross-zone and double-knock)

· GSM/GPRS/SMS: used as primary or as back up to CMS and message to private user

· On-line connection to the CMS via secured and supervised TCP/IP channel

· Upload/Download via PSTN/GPRS/Ethernet

· Mic-200: Remote listening-in module

· VU-20: Voice message module

Captain 8 is a professional Intruder Alarm System designed for domestic and small business. Captain 8 was developed and carefully designed, based on the requirements of professionals around the world. This state-of-the-art intruder alarm offers multiple communication capabilities and is both installer & user-friendly.

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