Top Level Security

FORCEPIMA’s revolutionary professional hybrid alarm system, sets new standards in the security field. To enable top-level security, FORCE features AES, 128 bit encryption for all IP communication. Security is further enhanced by assigning separate access codes to installers and CMS, enabling seamless system connection to the CMS at any point regardless of the installer code. Additional security features include advanced options, such as the ability to limit user authorizations to perform only specific operations, granting remote technician access based on approval of the system’s user, and time-limited zone bypassing.

Easy to Install, Configure, and Use

Equipped with a unique combination of tools and features, FORCE is designed to make installation incredibly easy for CMS and installers: Power Diagnostics provide a real-time display of panel and peripherals’ current consumption, as well as voltage levels. Systems can be safely configured remotely via secure IP. Meanwhile, for remote controlling their system, end-users enjoy the extremely fast pairing to the PIMAlink 2.0 Cloud and smartphone app. State-of-the art equipment includes a large, 7-line LCD screen with on-board help screens for intuitive and rapid installation.

Ultimate Scalability

FORCE’s flexibility makes it the ideal system for residential and commercial facilities of all sizes: With eight security zones on board, FORCE easily scales to 144 zones and can be expanded to 144 users. Furthermore, the system offers 16 true partitions permitting multi-store installation with one system. This makes it a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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